Down Street Station – Operation Aleister HQ
Covert Ops Base

The Other Tower of London
Special Residence of the Queen of Town

London takes pretty decent care of its friends. At some point, someone built this strange upside down underground copy of the Tower of London- or possibly it grew, like a taproot from a growing city. The easiest way in is through the abandoned sewer line that runs nearby, if you don’t mind taking a shower right afterward. There’s a number of somewhat harder ways that don’t smell so bad- Abigail usually uses the one right near the edge of the Thames, nearby. It smells about as bad but the smell doesn’t stick so hard, for whatever reason. And somehow the river never manages to leak in.

A modern lady, Abigail has taken steps to furnish this lair with the finest in comforts and equipment, calling in favors to divert plumbing, electricity, and even internet to the central keep. These days, it’s becoming a lair to rival the finest Bond villains. And Abigail likes that just fine.


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