City Building

Operational Staff

Colonel Michael Drummond
See detailed files.

Face: Security Officer Lennon
Aspects: “Walk Heavily, And Carry A Big Gun”
Responsible for security at the Down Street facility.

Of the Mundane World

Organization: Tx Security Systems, EU Branch
Aspects: “No Stated Mission”, “Shadow Backers”
An international security consortium with a wide array of business ventures. It has a small EU Branch in a nondescript office building in London, run by Mr Gunderson.

Face: Mr Gunderson
Aspects: “Burly Middle Manager”, “America, Fuck Yeah!”
Allegiance: Tx Security Systems
A burly gentleman in his mid 30s, Gunderson manages Tx Security Systems’ EU Branch. Known for always wearing well tailored suits.

Face: Johnny Atkinson
Aspects: “Wrong Man In The Wrong Place”
Might +2, Endurance +2, Guns +3, Driving +3

A former sailor in Her Majesty’s Navy, Johnny is now Abigail’s most persistent and most inept suitor. Well, inept might be a bit unfair. Unlucky, certainly. Every date Abigail has agreed to (mostly out of boredom or pity) has ended in disaster of some sort or another, often supernaturally related. He’s not a bad lad, but not really Abigail’s type: she’s a little busy dealing with someone with bigger… towers. So busy that she’s genuinely failed to notice that Johnny draws problems to him like moths to a flame.

Her affectionate nickname for him is “Sodding Johnny,” as in “Oh no, here comes sodding Johnny again!”

Works an Electrician.

Of Wolves and Men

Threat: Canis Canem Edit
Aspect: “Beautiful Game? More like the Brutal Game!”
A gang of Lycanthropes based out of an old pub in the docklands. Competes in a pub football league and occasional bouts of football hooliganism.

Location: The Ample Flock
Aspect: “Dank Ol’ Tavern”
Drinking hole of the lycanthrope gang.

Face: Barry Willis
Aspects: “Hit By The Ugly Stick”, “Top Dog”
Sometime leader of the lycanthrope gang, mostly due to his skill at brawling.

Face: Tavish McScott
Aspects: “Veteran of the Old Firm”, “Arising Challenger”
A veteran football hooligan from Glasgow who got run out of town for reasons he doesn’t disclose. A likely challenger for Barry.

Of Times Past

Threat: Auld Lang Syne
Aspects: “Years of History”, “Arising Spectres”
Something rather odd is happening with the ghosts of London.

Face: Rahtep
Aspects: “Egyptian Archaeologist”, ???
Scholarship +4
An archaeologist, originally from Egypt and now based in the British Museum.

Faces: Ghost-trappers!
Aspects: “We ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”, “E.T.E”
A group of three engineering students at London’s City University. Pop up where rumours of ghost sightings point to.

Matt Harris (Aspect: “Mad Inventor”) – light build, asian descent, rather insane.
Shaun Warren (Aspect: “From a Land Down Under”) – ex-Australian Military, in his late 20s. Moved to London for a fresh start. Big bloke, shaggy beard.
James Wallis (Aspects: “Straight and Narrow”) – Normal kid out of Birmingham. Looks like he might be of Scandinavian descent sometime back. Decent with a computer.

Of Arts Mystical

Face: Warden Victor Burnshire
Aspects: “Harder than a truck full o’ Nails”, “Supernatural Peacekeeper”
Allegiance: The White Council
An elderly warden, fresh from the war with the Red Court. Assigned to London a few months ago. Known for his no-nonsense approach to… everything, and for having a fair and even hand.

City Building

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