Colonel Michael Drummond

Operation Aleister's Director


Colonel Michael Drummond
FP: 3

High Concept: “Covert Ops Director”
Trouble: ???
Aspect 1: “Wasted Prodigy”
Aspect 2: “For Queen and Country!”
Aspect 3: “Cripled in the Line of Duty”
Aspects 4 & 5: To be established during the game.

Known Skills:
+4: Guns, Presence, Scholarship
+3: Contacts, Driving, Endurance
+2: Alertness, Conviction, Stealth
+1: Athletics, Discipline, Lore

Stunts & Powers:

Brawler (Endurance Stunt): Use Endurance to make Fists Attacks [-1]
Charismatic Leader (Presence Stunt): Use Presence to replace Rapport when making a first impression [-1]


Colonel Michael Drummond

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